Plant-Based Protein And Animal-Based Protein

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Human body needs 30-40 grams of protein every day. High-quality protein has all the essential amino acids and is digestible. Plant-based proteins can lack certain essential amino acids, but in contrast to animal-based protein, they are more digestible. There are two great sources of protein, animal-based protein and plant-based protein. For vegan people, they can still get enough protein from plant sources like almond nuts, walnuts, and other beans. Plant amino acids are more readily available than those in meat.  There are several plant protein sources that are deficient in one or more amino acids, but primitive people as well as apes back in the days have stronger muscles even though they eat a large variety of vegetarian foods and no dairy products. There are also plant-based protein sources that ensure a good quantity of all essential amino acids.

Animal-based protein is also great sources of protein. Meat is great sources of protein and they are not dangerous to human health. With regards to cancer, it is said that processed meat can cause cancer and not organic meat. Processed meat contains foreign chemicals, and other man-made adulteration. Those chemicals are dangerous to human health and any living creatures. However, organic meat is a great source of protein. Cattle animals like cow and goats are grass-eating animals, and grass is a great source of Parent Essential Oils or PEOs.


So whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater, there are plenty of protein sources for you.  Just make sure that what you are eating is organic (organic fruits and vegetables, organic meat and dairy products, meat and other products from free-range animals like egg) and free from chemicals like hormones and pesticides.


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